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Malga Objetos

is a textile jewerly brand

born from the desire

to research and celebrate

handcrafted works

in Brazil

Our purpose is to be a place to explore, disseminate, unite and strengthen manual techniques, especially those that have always been conected to women. It is also to highlight the wisdom of so many women who shared their knowledge from generattions.

Handmade texile technics that takes time and demands dedication, that share stories and wisdom gathered over the time. The respect for the time, the uniqueness, and the materials that nature provides.

Everything takes time, requires care and attention to details. Each piece carries the story of the person who made it. Each handcrafted piece have unique characteristics and expressions that set them apart.

A tighter knot, a looser thread. A pause, a sigh. A different rhythm.

Crochet, handloom and cross stitch are the three textile technics that come together to create a collection full of textures, organic and geometric shapes.

The night falls, the mystery arrives.
The lights, the stars, the intuition.
Every day a new sky, a new design, cycles that come and go.

Matriarchs are strength and resilience.

 My dad's Mother and my mom's Mother.
The Vanity and the discretion.
The Gypsy and the Seamstress.



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